How MicroSilver BGTM Works

  • The majority of skin problems are a result of harmful bacteria.
  • The high surface area of the porous MicroSilver BGTM particles provide a high and sustained antimicrobial activity by continuously releasing silver ions. This reduces harmful bacteria and microorganisms and supports the skin's natural healing process.
  • Because of its large particle size, MicroSilver remains on the surface of the skin where it is needed to combat and ward off bacteria.
  • MicroSilver's unique sponge-like structure also helps it to cling on to skin providing long-term and sustainable antimicrobial effects.
  • Animal care products with MicroSilver BGTM form an invisible protective film on the surface of the skin. Even after other ingredients are absorbed the MicroSilver BGTM particles remain on the surface of the skin and continue to provide antimicrobial protection.
  • MicroSilver is effective against many skin ailments and is being used to help prevent and treat stressed skin, contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, dry scaly skin, sensitive skin prone to redness, blemishes and acne, body odor, wounds Click here for further information.