History of SilverHistory of Silver...some interesting notes

  • Cyrus, founder of the Persian Empire in the 5th Century B.C. always drank from silver water casks containing water from the river Choapses.
  • Pioneers in the American Wild West put silver coins into casks to keep water or milk fresh longer.
  • Carl von Naegeli (1817-1891) was the first to describe the broad antimicrobial effect of silver.
  • History of SilverFrench soldiers at the Serbian Front in WW1 had water bottles lined with silver. Unlike their allies, these soldiers never suffered from diarrhea, dysentery etc.
  • Long-term Silver Cranial Implants have been used for many years for victims of skull injuries. Patients reached normal life expectancy without any complications.
  • Eye drops with silver nitrate have been used for decades to prevent newborns from becoming blind due to bacteria in the birth canal.