What is MicroSilver BGTM

  • A natural antimicrobial product that is produced in Germany.
  • A pure elemental silver powder consisting of highly porous micro-sized silver particles.
  • Does not contain or require any additional ingredients or carrier materials.
  • The complex and unique particle structure is produced in a specialized physical (NOT chemical) production process under medical device manufacturing standards. (ISO 9001, ISO 13485)
  • Pure (99.9%) metallic silver is the input and pure (99.9%) MicroSilver is the output. The end product as well as the production process is environmentally friendly and no waste products are produced!
  • Safe, free of side effects and it does not penetrate skin because of its large particle size (average of 10 micrometers).
  • ECOCERT approved and can be used in natural cosmetic products.
  • MicroSilver BGTM is patent protected



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