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animal care MicroSilver BGTM

Cat and Dog ProductsMany pets have a tendency to develop irritations and inflammations of the skin and paws as a result of harmful environmental factors, anxiety and stress. Animal care products containing MicroSilver BGTMhelp to both prevent and alleviate these problems.

  • The majority of skin problems are a result of harmful bacteria.
  • Silver is the broadest spectrum antimicrobial and has been used for centuries to combat bacteria, mold and fungi. Click here for more info...
  • Our MicroSilver, unlike any other silver, is a highly porous pure silver powder with a large particle size that will not penetrate skin!
  • Our MicroSilver remains on the surface of the skin and provides long-lasting antimicrobial action that reduces harmful bacteria and promotes & strengthens the skin’s natural healing process. Click here for more info...

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Nurturing Spray

A moisturizing spray for dry, sensitive and irritated skin – 236ml (8oz) 

Skin + Paw Ointment

A soothing ointment that helps to alleviate numerous skin problems – 30g (1oz) 

Soothing Shampoo

A cleansing and soothing shampoo that provides supportive skin care – 236ml (8oz) 

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